Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Perfect Day

Got to go outside and play yesterday!!!! Something because I am mainly wheelchair (power chair) bound, I dont get to do much.

But I did!!!! I had my son get my chair out, and I went down the road, got mail from the corner, then went across to the Wild Cherry trees!!!!

They are just past prime, but still great for making jelly with :) So I gathers about a quart, and some twigs for cough syrup. Then rode on around the corner and sat under a tree for a while, laughing with the elements, air was particularily playful!

Then went on around my block, chatting with dogs, cats and even a neighbor lady ;)

Still didnt want to go back inside, so I went back and gathered more cherries :)

Then, slowly came home, but again, instead of going in, called my hubby to come outside and relax a while with me. It was a perfect evening.... Sunny, bright blue skies, stiff cool breeze on a warm day....... awwww........

I wish I could get out more, and get my family outside more! It is so wonderful, and good for us too!!!!!

Wishing you all such beautiful days!!