Tuesday, November 20, 2007

White Hot Charcoal!!!

I finally finished the coiled basket for my son. I love how it turned out and so does he! Which is the BEST part!

I used Lion Brand Homespun in Charcoal for the yarn, and trimmed it in natural howlite beads. Looks like white hot charcoal does :)

It is for him to put his wallet, cell phone and keys in and not loose them.

Mini Stockings Away! lol

Hi! I just love making these stockings! Especially the little ones. They give me something quick to do, and something to practice my sock knitting techniques on! Two great things at once!

I used Red Heart Holiday in red silver, green silver and white silver for it. I embroidererd the candy cane on after finishing :) I braided extra yarn to make the hanging loop at the top.

Plum Wine Stocking Done!

Done! Another Stocking! I am on a Stocking roll! lol

I used Caron Simply soft in plum wine for the main color and sage for the accent with red heart Holiday in white for the ribbing and snowflake :) I made this one shorter and changed a few other small things. I made the ribbing ruffled! My son took this picture outside in the cold in a hurry, so he didnt lay it out very well, but at least the light was good! lol

Thinking of making one one reversing the main color and accent color, but keeping the holiday white for the silver thread in it for the ribbing and snowflake.

Mini stocking coming right up!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Stockings!

I finished my stocking! ( it is the one on the right) I loved making it, and have started a new one already! And I made a tiny one using a pattern from a web site. I will post where the pattern is later, for now, here are my stockings!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Soul Soothing Craft Work!

I started this stocking as part of a KAL last week and it has been a wonderful way of getting back into my crafts! And at the perfect time for me :)

I have learned a new technique which makes Intarsia or multi-color knitting something I can do now by joining in this KAL! And it gave me a chance to practice my sock making.

The pattern is one that Jackie (Knitting Crone from *Cauldronofcrafts* yahoo group) posted in parts for us on the group called *The snowflake stocking*.

I have so enjoyed doing this! Thanks Jackie and Garnet!