Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Warning, RANT!

Happy Birthday to me.........

Yeah right.

Having an arguement with DH, son is finally finishing the dishes, after I fussed.

No one has mentioned my birthday.

Why is it asumed that *I* am to do all or most of the cooking?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Recreating Avalon

Sorry I havent posted in ages.

I have done some knitting and crocheting, but my main focus has turned inward. I have been doing some intensive spiritual studies and awakening things inside me I thought were long dead and beyond my current reach.......

But it seems Goddess can revive anything!

My current passion is to rediscover Avalon. And all the versions of Avalon from all over the world, such places where women gathered together to live, learn, and worship the Goddess in her many forms.

I believe such places can be rebuilt, first in our own hearts, home, then local communities.

If we but not only believe, but act on that belief and make it happen!

Do you have what it takes to step up and become part of Avalon?

Asking the hard questions,