Sunday, June 22, 2008


Sorry I have been so quiet, not posting, but, we have MOVED!!!

Life was quite crazy for a while, not only was I stuck on bed rest from a messed up back, but we were hunting for a place to live, packing, and then moving!

The change, though stressful, has been a wonderful one!!! I am now living in a home that is almost totally handicapped accessible!!! I can come and go as I please, get to EVERY room in it, do my own laundry again!! The sheer joy that I have over the simple laundry is amazing!!!


Now that may seem like nothing much to most folks, but to someone who is wheel chair bound and has stairs at their doorways, it is something truly HUGE!

Hubby and I go for *strolls* now in our power chairs! We go sometimes several times a day. It is so wonderful!!! And best of all, the neighbors here are friendly!!! We spent five years at the old place, we were here only a few days and met the neighbors and now speak, laugh and joke with them almost daily!!

One neighbor has two kids, little boy and little girl, I think they are like 7 and 4. Very cute kids, pretty well behaved.

Our other close neighbors are a young man with parkinsons :(, and his caretaker. Both are very nice, and they have two chihuahuas! I love chihuahuas! I get to visit them too lol . The caretakers loves plants and so we chatter a lot about them. Right now we are watering his for him while he and his, hmm, friend? I think that would be a good term, since he and the man he cares for seem to get along great. Well he and his friend are camping with family.

I have finally done a little knitting too!! I finished the cylinder pillow case I was working on. It came out bigger than I planned, but no worries, since hubby decided he didnt want a pillow in his chair anyway LOL. I will have to put up a pick once I make the pillow to go in it.

Hard to do much crafting since most of my craft things are still in boxes! :(

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crying for hope....

I just watched Diane Sawyer interview the most amazing man and his family.

He has terminal cancer.

Yet he is living each day to it’s fullest, giving as much as he can to his wife and kids, and others who travel through his life, or he meets along the way.

I cry a little still, grateful to have been touched even a little by him, sorry that his children and wife wont have him with them much longer, and such an insightful man is leaving our world behind soon.

Here are two links about him, I hope that what you see touches you as deeply, and with as much hope as they did me.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Longing for spring

It has been a long, long winter... in many ways for me.

I feel like I am beginning to come out of it. Finally.

A dear beloved teacher and friend crossed over to the next life, I was struck harshly with betrayal by a trusted friend who was like a sister, and others who joined in with her. The pain is less, yet the sad deep emptiness, and feeling of loss is lingering.

It took much more of a toll on me than I wanted to admit for a while. True, I gathered myself together and carried on. Yet my heart wasn't in it. I needed time out. So I have taken that time, hovered mostly in the background, allowing myself time to heal, even to the point of neglecting my own list on Yahoo groups *The Empowered Goddess*.

But I have now taken steps to regroup, adding other moderators and owners. Adding the other owners was the biggest step for me to take, after the betrayal. But doubly so a good one because of it. I want to trust others, and to have faith in my sisters. It is part of my belief that we can have community, without *power over* struggles. That we, Goddess women can join together, communicate, and grow in strength, wisdom, love, and all ways through sharing our strengths and weaknesses and allowing others to help us, and helping others when we can.

So, I have planted seeds of faith, hope, and sisterhood.

I long to see a fruitful harvest.

Green Blessings