Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Warning, RANT!

Happy Birthday to me.........

Yeah right.

Having an arguement with DH, son is finally finishing the dishes, after I fussed.

No one has mentioned my birthday.

Why is it asumed that *I* am to do all or most of the cooking?

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Crow Calling Woman said...

OOOOh! I hate it when the men ASSUME the women will cook! WTF? This ain't the 50's anymore and women have other things they'd rather be doing than slaving away over a hot stove! Good god, kick 'em in the nads and tell HIM to cook, and then tell him he will cook three days a week from now on or go hungry (worked for me). Men need to get it out of thier heads that women are here to serve them. Lazy bums need to get off thier hind-ends and share in the work. Grrrr...I have some...issues with that topic...can ye tell?! LMAO!