Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Wow, after nearly loosing the ability to use my hands at all, I am again able to knit!
I have three things I want to make asap, one is a pair of *cranky pants* adapting the basic cargo pants pattern from here: to make something like these: ; then I want to make this for my new grand baby, as my son is crazy about the Link and Zelda games:

Then I heard about a *three scarf top*. Wow, all it is, is three *scarves* or rectangles knitted then sewn together! I can see all sorts of possibilities from this! A few simple measurements from all the women in my family and I can whip up some very cute tops for them in no time! And I have a book of knitting patterns I can use to make them all unique!

Now I just have to get the yarn! lol lol lol

Yes, I am feeling creatively as well as productively reborn!

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