Sunday, February 25, 2007

Class Sock Success! ! !

I did it! I have two socks done using the *Class sock* instructions via *Sensational Knitted Socks* that I recently purchased :) I call them my first *Dobby Socks* or House Elf socks because they are so small.

Can you tell which one I did first? lol

The bottom one with the kinda pointy toe. It was my first time to do the kitchener stitch when I made it. I practiced some more before doing the second one (the top sock was done second) .

But now I have the confidence to do REAL socks for REAL ppl!

But I have also started my Deep Ocean Prayer/Ritual Shawl. I will tell you more about it later.
Have a great day!


Diana Troldahl said...

Aren't baby socks fun!? I got to make some wee socks while pattern testing for my sis-in-law ( pattern isn't out yet, but you can see pics by searching for potato chip socks.
I don't have kids, but baby socks are so fun to make that I'm sending them to friends who DO have kids.
(p.s. I love your tag line on Ample-knitter)

Hazel said...

How do I add your blog so i can check in and read your posts. I know how to do this on LJ or 360, but I don't see a "friends" button or an add button on Blogger.



catsmommy said...

I recently purchased the Sensational Knitted Socks. I an a new sock knitter and won't tell you what the first sock looked like! The book has helped with a couple of things. I haven't really attempted to delve into the hard parts. Just finished sock #4 last night - what a difference! I still have lots of room for improvement.

catsmommy said...

I recently purchased Sensational Knitting Socks & it has helped me with a couple of areas. I haven't had time to really delve into it. I am new to sock knitting (you should have seen sock #1!) and last night finished #4. Big improvement!