Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hack Cough Ugh

Sure, I start a new blog and get sick. Not really coughing sick, just feel cruddy. Still knitting tho! Something I can do when I dont feel like doing a dang other thang! lol

Almost done with my last Harry Potter scarf for my friend's daughter.
( )

Amazingly, I am running out of yarn. Doncha just hate a tight budget when you have things to create???? Doent help that the store is also out of the yarn you need!

I need to get pictures taken of the other things I have made, and date all my pictures. I forget to do little things like that. Kinda of a scrap book of creative journey.


N. said...

Are *you* the knitter I've been looking for to do a Yule stocking?

Nice work! Like the scarf, manly yet quirkly! Would look fab with a leather jacket. Too bad it's hardly ever that cold in Houston, where my leather jacket is!

N. said...

n. is sage_morgan_ellis BTW

MaryBeth said...

ACK how do I reply to your comment?