Thursday, April 12, 2007


I made one of these before, but, alas, as with many of my things it got lost in my move north. So I had been wanting to make another, and finally I did!

A Sistrum is an ancient musical and magickal instrument. It was used in Egypt and before. Priestesses of Hathor used them in their offices.

They are now used to both help raise energy and disperse unwanted or blocked energy.

They can be made of wood or metal, can have wire or wood that the bells, clappers are on. I like the beads on this one, I like the fact that it makes a *shhush shusshing* sound along with a gentle clinking.

My next one I want to find more bell like clappers for it, and perhaps make it differently.


Regina aka Lady Garnet Moon said...

MaryBeth this is very pretty! Love it with the beads!

Crow Calling Woman said...
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Crow Calling Woman said...

I never knew that! There is a local priestess that uses one of those but I was unaware it was a historical piece of equipment. Sweetness! BTW this is C4G! (typo in last commment...deleted it). Do you use plain beading wire or something else? I would love to make me of these days when I am uninspired to make anything else!! LOL

Cerridwen said...

I really like that! I'm going to try to make one as well. Thanks