Friday, April 6, 2007

Triple Moons

Greetings One and All!!!!

I finally got my triple moon doily and brought it back out for pictures! This was a first for me, knitting a design in two colors, it is different than just doing rows of different colors. I hope you all like it. I made the design by drawing it on graph paper first, then redid it several times in places and still not happy with my smaller crescents. But I will work on them again later. Another project for another time.

I also included a picture of the back, feel free to tell me what I did wrong! lol


Lana said...

It looks lovely to me. Nothing wrong with it, in the least. It would make a beautiful altar cloth.

Regina aka Lady Garnet Moon said...

Ooohh LOVE it! Simply wonderful! I have yet to attempt to knit in 2 colors. I think you did an amazing job!!! WTG!

Cerridwen said...

That's beautiful! You did a great job!